Trust The Payslip, Or Time To Fact-Check - Are Your Super Payments Correct?


Do you trust that your employer is paying you the right amount of superannuation just because it says so on your payslip? 


Every year, thousands of employers fail to pay their staff the correct amount of superannuation, costing those workers billions of dollars every year. In many instances, it’s an honest mistake and easily rectified. 

However, there are malicious employers out there who are looking to avoid having to pay you the correct super guarantee. You may not have realised it either if you are trusting the information on your payslip. With the super guarantee increasing to 11% from 1 July 2023, now is the perfect time to double-check the numbers. 


How Do I Check?

Checking for unpaid superannuation is very simple. You can:

  • Call your superannuation fund directly or
  • Check your statement online


If you are unsure of the amount of superannuation owed, you can also contact the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) to chase down the unpaid superannuation. They will be able to determine if there has been an offence committed and will be able to punish them. However, if a company is going through insolvency proceedings and you haven’t been paid superannuation, it can get a little more tricky. 


The ATO, in this instance, won’t pursue the unpaid super, but you will be able to legally pursue the company directors in court.


If your superannuation payments are incorrect, you may want to speak with your employer or the person in charge of payroll to rectify the situation. If it becomes a more complex matter, speak directly to the ATO to escalate the issue.