Have an SMSF division in your accounting firm without all of the worry.

Our SMSF administration solution is perfect for those accountants who work with SMSF’s or want to work with SMSF’s but don’t want the worry of doing the administration work. We have a solution where you can keep your SMSF clients, continue being their trusted advisor and focus on what you enjoy while we handle all the boring stuff.

Outsourcing your SMSF’s to us is super simple, and you can be confident that you are working with Australia’s leading SMSF experts.

Year-end SMSF accounting work

Our service includes the following:

custom (1)

1. Preparation of annual accounting using either BGL or Class.

income-statement (1)

2. Preparation of annual financial statements and tax return.

paper (1)

3. Preparation of necessary yearly minutes.

folder (1)

4. Preparing and sending a complete file to your auditor and dealing with any auditor questions.

Your clients are your clients

You can be guaranteed that when using our service, your client remains your client, we will have no correspondence with them, and you remain in control. We provide you with the back-end accounting work, so you can focus on providing advice to your client. All documentation will be white labelled as if your firm is preparing them.

Why work with us?

SMSFs are complicated

SMSF’s can be complicated, the laws are complicated, the software is complicated and so is the accounting. Clients undervalue SMSF administration work and if you were to spend the necessary amount of time to thoroughly understand all the SMSF compliance rules, it isn’t worth the fee. BUT your clients want to have SMSF’s and you need to provide high-level SMSF services within your firm. We have your solution.

Provide the best service to your clients

Iddi SMSF allows you to provide a high-level SMSF service without the worry, with Australia’s leading SMSF experts we are up to date on all the compliance rules and ensure that all compliance work is prepared to the highest quality. We understand SMSF’s and we will be a valuable addition to your accounting firm.

Mitigate risk

For those accountants who already have a SMSF division within their firm, you can mitigate your business risk by outsourcing  your SMSF’s to iddi SMSF. Perhaps you have a lot of SMSF’s and have a full time staff member dedicated to your SMSF’s but what is your plan when you loose that staff member for whatever reason.

Why not outsource some of them to iddi SMSF so that any time you can turn the tap on and get iddi SMSF do you your SMSF’s to fill the gap while you are looking for a new staff member.

Quality of work

Every time you send us an SMSF it will be reviewed by a leading SMSF expert within Australia. You will receive high quality work as you would expect from a senior staff member but without having to train anyone. We understand SMSF compliance so you can have the confidence your work will be done correctly every time.


We work with a handful of independent SMSF Auditors who trust our knowledge. You can have the confidence that when we believe something is compliant that our auditors will be trusting of our advice. Our auditors know that we understand SMSF’s as we have been working with them for years. You won’t need to worry about dealing with an auditor who constantly questions you. We will also work with your preferred auditor if you would prefer.

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